Cue features Manteco’s award-winning sustainable wool in AW.19 collection!

Renowned Italian textile company, Manteco added to their established ethical foundation in 2017 when they officially introduced the product range ‘Mant-eco for Planet’. Characterised by the company’s distinguishable values for animal welfare and social sustainability, this range of eco-friendly fibres are changing the way wool is farmed and manufactured.

This season Cue proudly introduced two of Manteco’s eco-friendly fibres, Recycled Wool and Sustainable Virgin Wool. Recycled Wool is created from the reuse of old garments. Through mechanical processes and without the use of any chemicals, the fibre is extracted from the old garment and re-spun into new yarn. Recycled wool supports the circular economy through the reduction of water, energy and CO2 emissions.

Styles in the collection also feature Sustainable Virgin Wool, which is classified as premium quality wool that has been ethically sourced. The highest standard of animal welfare and social sustainability have been assured in the production of the wool.

In 2018, Manteco was awarded the "Radical Green Award” in recognition of their innovative practices in sustainability at Italy's Green Week - Festival della Green Economy. Cue is honoured to partner with Manteco to bring you award-winning sustainable fabrics and invest in a better future for fashion.

Keep an eye out for the Manteco label, on either our Recycled Wool or Sustainable Virgin Wool coats, when you next shop with Cue! 

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