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The lives of a label, made in Australia


Life is made up of fashion moments. You see an outfit in the window and you have to have it.

You have a little black dress that always makes you feel fantastic. And then there's that anticipation of a special event, when you rush out to find a new outfit, spend ages getting dressed and head out the door ready to have a great time.


You and Cue


We put out a call to customers to send in pictures of themselves in their favourite Cue outfits. Across Australia and New Zealand, pictures and stories and flooded in. In fact, there were so many great shots; we wish we could show them all. It turns out lots of women have been celebrating their favourite moments in Cue.

As the role of women in society has changed, so has Cue. The brand has kept pace with our modern lifestyle. From the sexy seventies, through the power suit eighties, the elegant minimalism of the nineties and the international lifestyle dressing of today: it's all here in these photos. Cue has stayed at the cutting edge of fashion, in tune with what we really want to wear. It's the reason we turn to Cue for those special occasions and also for just looking fashion forward every day.


You and Cue


While Cue has produced amazing fashion photos over the years, featuring polished supermodels (who could forget the "original supermodel" Claudia Schiffer, exclusively in Cue?) with perfect hair and lighting, it is this collection of snapshots - in the lounge room or the back yard, when we thought we looked pretty great - that we will look back on with affection, again and again. These pictures are a part of fashion history.

It's the reason behind 'You& Cue' - a celebration of all those fantastic fashion moments, and the opportunity to share them. Cue's designers are real women, just like you and me, who are passionate about great clothes. They have the same "what am I going to wear?" moments as we all do. Their designs are continuously evolving to answer that question and keep us coming back, excited for more. As women demand wardrobes that suit their challenging lives, you keep that team motivated to bring you their best. Then there's the way you put it all together for real life. It's the final part of the design process. You are the other member of the Cue team. It is all about You& Cue.

- Kirsty Munro, Fashion Writer

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