Our Fabric Partners

Our Fabric Partners

Cue’s designs are created in our Sydney studio and made with the highest quality fabrics. Collaborating for over 40 years, Cue has maintained long partnerships with these leading European fabric and print houses, to create modern, high quality fashion. 



Creative and innovative since 1753, KBC is one of the most prestigious textile printing companies in Europe. With an archive extending from their 270-year tradition, the company’s history informs the fashion-forward styles they produce today and is one of the many sources of inspiration for Cue’s ceaseless creativity. Cue and KBC began collaborating over 40 years ago, and since then have worked closely to combine original Australian design with prints created exclusively in Europe. 



One of Europe’s most forward-thinking textile producers, Can Tekstil has been at the forefront of yarn and fabric technology since 1985. Constantly evolving production techniques to meet the needs of a dynamic and fast-paced market, the company utilises its next-generation Research and Development department to full effect. A leader in the field of environmental responsibility, everything from weaving and dying to finishing is completed under one roof—there’s even a medical centre and tomato farm, Agrocan, on site. Cue and Can Tekstil share a commitment to excellence, innovation and sustainability.



Founded in 1943, this family-run company has a rich heritage in textiles, designing, developing and producing luxury fabrics in Italy. Lead by Franco Mantellassi and his sons Marco and Matteo, the team at Manteco has a wealth of experience, using their knowledge of raw materials, attention to detail and respect for tradition to set the highest of standards. Catering to the high end of the market, the company counts many international houses as clients. Cue and Manteco are partners in producing high quality fabrics exclusive to Australia. 

Our partnership with Manteco allows us to bring you award-winning sustainable fabrics.
A variety of our coats are made using Manteco Global Recycle Standard (RGS) certified* recycled wool. Recycled wool is created from the reuse of old garments. Through mechanical processes and without the use of any chemicals, the fibre is extracted from the old garment and re-spun into new yarn. Recycled wool supports the circular economy through the reduction of water and energy usage and the reduction of CO2 emissions. 

*Verifies and confirms the recycled content inside the products.



Congratulations to our brand partner Manteco, the luxury fabric supplier, for winning the “Radical Green Award” at Italy’s Greenweek – festival della green economy. We’re so proud to work with this progressive brand, who have been recognised for their innovative practices in sustainability.

Like Cue, Manteco is a family-run company that has a rich heritage in textiles, designing and developing luxury fabrics in Italy. Manteco caters to the high end of the market and counts many international fashion houses as clients. Cue works with Manteco to produce high quality fabrics exclusive to Australia.

Led by Franco Mantellassi and his sons Marco and Matteo, the team at Manteco has a wealth of experience, using their knowledge of raw materials, attention to detail and respect for tradition to set efficient eco-friendly practices.

“We put sustainability at the core of everything we do. Our factory uses the most efficient, eco-friendly and pro-social technologies and practices we can get.” Marco Mantellassi, CEO of Manteco.

Congratulations again to Manteco – what an incredible achievement!

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